About us

Air Unlimited Radio from Chicago! changes the game since 2017! with hip hop rnb & of course independent artist worldwide & the new wave of music! Not only are we a radio show we bring comedy, vlogs, Instagram lives, but interact with the loyal supporters thru the call in hotline, with various types of video games, and podcast! We do interviews on live radio plus zoom calls, we always keep you entertained! We have gotten a lot of exposer over the years with interactions with marketers, radio personality, broadcasters, youtubers, top artists, and press & media from medium, disrupt & kivo magazine!

Don’t be left out come join the littest crew in the game and share with other like minded people ! The G from Harlem Zach has been my friend since we were kids ! He brings comedy with his skills as a radio dj and is a huge part of making this show a success ! Johnny cool always is consistent, jcgjohnnycool's profile picture knowledgeable, passionate, and finds way to organize ,market, and finds way to be creative and to have fun with the content! We definitely can’t forget about Keith Maurice “The Keith Maurice Show” “ Saturday night party “ Multi Award-Winning College Radio Personality Keith Maurice bring you the hottest Variety of Music! Interviews with great independent artist and keep you updated with breaking news in the music industry. Join him! going 2 hours long 2 hours strong on Air Unlimited Radio! Along side James Jefferson very charismatic and entertaining himself he makes everyone laugh with his inside jokes and his passion for sports and music!

Our Team

Air Unlimited Radio works 24/7 to bring you quality content for entertainment and applausing viewership. Here are cool people who make it happen.










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